Chinese entrepreneurship in Italy

by Roberta Picchi - 2011.06.30

In the third quarter of 2010 in Italy there were 36,877 Chinese individual companies. Most of them are concentrated in three regions: 22% in Tuscany, 18% in Lombardy and 11% in Veneto. As regards the provinces, it Prato reaffirms at the top of the list with 4,000 companies representing 11,5% of the total. These are the data of the fifth report “Become Laoban” produced jointly by the Chamber of Commerce of Torino and FIERI.

  • Here refugees work rather than twiddle their thumbs

    Denmark leads the way with respect to occupational integration of refugees. Given that, compared to the year before, in 2016 the number of refugees aged 18-59 with an employment contract in fact doubled. So much so that the national employment rate for refugees is now higher than 15%. The secret, according Read More.

  • Immigration: glass half empty or half full

    To explain why immigration is such an important card played by right-wing populists and why analysts, each convinced of their explanations, continue to haggle, without consensus, is a difficult task, but not an impossible one. Take for example, the two viewpoints on the issue represented, on one hand, by Mckinsey Read More.

  • Stores close but flea markets run by immigrants increase

    There are always more flea markets run by immigrants in Italy. The number has increased by 30% in the last four years. Italy’s capital for these types of markets is Naples. At least, this is the snapshot that has emerged from Unioncamere-InfoCamere, Italy’s Association representing the Chambers of Commerce, from Read More.

  • Italian agriculture is booming again thanks to immigrants

    They are not only migrant workers, but also bosses of agricultural operations. The immigrants from outside the EU have seen a complete reversal of the role they play in Italian agricultural businesses: 12,000 heads of agricultural businesses and 128,000 employees (to which 192,000 foreigners from within the EU can be Read More.

  • How many foreign business owners are there in Emilia-Romagna

    In the Emilia-Romagna Region the number of foreign business owners is increasing. In 10 years (2005-2015) it has even quadrupled, passing from 10 thousand to over 37 thousand, or 15.8% of the regional total. A higher percentage than the national one which stops at 13.5%. As far as the type Read More.

  • More work opportunities for migrant farmers

    The number of migrant workers in the agricultural sector admitted in Italy, in 2017, increased. Passing from 13,000 in 2016 to the actual 17,000 for seasonal work and from 4,600 to 5,750 for the conversions of seasonal work permits into residence permits for employment, which will allow many farms to Read More.