Children arrive from the East already victims of alcohol

by Ivano Abbadessa - 2016.10.06
Children arrive from the East already victims of alcohol
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Use of alcohol during pregnancy is among the most common causes of intellectual disability acquired during infancy. A condition termed fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) is totally preventable by pregnant women abstaining completely from drinking alcoholic beverages. In Spain, it has just come to light that the main victims of FAS are adopted children coming from Eastern European countries such Russia or the Ukraine. Where there is a high percentage of alcoholism, especially in the poorer, socially at-risk populations, from which the majority of adopted children come. The new, adoptive parents, however, are unaware that their adopted children have suffered trauma in the biological mother’s womb. In these last months, a group of Spanish families who are living this drama have founded an association SAF Group. They are trying not only to create awareness, but also to organize activities aimed at improving the lives of everyone involved with this situation, including the children with FAS, who can experience neurocognitive difficulties, difficulties with regulating emotions and/or behaviors, attentional and impulse disorders, as well as deficits in adaptive functioning (communication difficulties, social-relational challenges, and daily living/motor difficulties).

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