Care of the elderly is in the hands of service providers in India too

by Annalisa Lista - 2017.03.20
Care of the elderly is in the hands of service providers in India too
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Even in India old parents no longer depend on their children.  Which can be seen by the fact that among the 103 million elderly citizens in the country, there is a steady increase in the number of those who turn to start-ups such as Aaji Care, that offer a wide range of services targeted to this population, using a team of professionals and students who want to earn some extra money. This team is able to help elderly individuals living alone to take care of themselves. Many are often ill. From personal, daily hygiene to shopping for necessities or merely dedicating them to the doctor, of course. But that’s not all. One company, Sawvedna Senior Care, even offers ad hoc courses to teach their elderly customers about Smartphone functions, or on how to participate in social network platforms like Facebook and use apps like Whatsapp.

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