British kids have less to smile about

by Ivano Abbadessa - 2017.01.11
British kids have less to smile about
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Excessive snacking on candies and drinks is destroying the smiles of the new British generation. In fact, every year, more than 40,000 minor children are hospitalized due to the rotting teeth in their mouths. They require complex interventions due to the seriousness of their cavaties, multiple extractions under total anesthesia. This is why a traditional dentist’s office is not possible. The healthcare system across The Channel has to support the cost of nearly 36 million sterling (approximately €41 million). These new data released by the British authorities have reinforced what doctors have been saying for a long time, “the expensive sugar plague”. The experts say that these numbers should serve as an alarm to the government in London, and that maybe now, after the numerous announcements that have been made, they will consider the time ripe for introducing heavy taxes on items with sugar.

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