Berlin has to deal with disability

Image: Berlin has to deal with disability

In Germany there are 7.3 million severely disabled people. According to the Statistisches Bundesamt, in 2011 there was a growth of 2.6% (187 thousand people), almost 9% on the total of population. Disability is in most cases caused by a disease (83%), while a lower percentage regards congenital pathologies (4%) and accidents (2%). 62% of disabled people have a physical disability, while 11% suffer from mental disabilities. Disability affects mainly men (51%) and in particular the elderly: 29% of the 7.3 million people with disabilities is over 75, 46% are between 55 and 75 years old. In contrast, only 2% have less than 18 years old. Finally, it should be noted that a quarter of all disabled people in Germany have a degree of disability equal to 100%.

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