Autism and bullying, all you do not know

by Ivano Abbadessa - 2013.01.31
Autism and bullying, all you do not know
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Autistic children are involved in bullying not only as victims but also as bullies. 10% of children affected by this disorder worldwide caused various forms of violence against their peers. Especially at school.

This, somewhat surprising, fact was highlighted in recent research published by the Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, one of the biggest and most important survey ever carried out on the relationship between bullying and autism.

However, by leafing through the pages of this report, mostly carried out by US scientists, you can find out another side of the coin. Autistic children are on average the most exposed to bullying acts, so much that 38% of them have been themselves victims at least once in their life for an entire month. Of these, 69% suffered emotional traumas (sign of fear and insecurity), while 8% were injured.

Slaps, pushes, chuckles, hair pulling are only some of the vexations that fragile and sensitive teenagers suffer by their schoolmates and, more generally, by their peers.

In their conclusions, experts call for high attention on this phenomenon, seen as a real social plague that risks to cause irreparable damages to the existence of many fragile teenagers. These latter are pusher to kill themselves as they are no longer able to bear daily abuse and vexation. That’s not mere alarmism, given that according to experts, victims of bullying are 6 times more likely to think about suicide than those who do not face this problem. To this purpose, the English term ‘bullycide’ was introduced to refer to suicide attributable to the victim having been bullied.