A World sleep day to raise awareness on insomnia

by Mattia Rosini - 2014.03.12
A World sleep day to raise awareness on insomnia
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Sleep is the only activity that delivers many benefits without effort. However, there are many disorders that worsen the quality of sleeping. The World Sleep Day 2014 will take place on March the 14th, under the slogan “Restful sleep, easy breathing, healthy body”. The World Association of Sleep Medicine (ASM) – which organized the event – will focus on sleep apnea, an obstructive condition of the upper respiratory tract which reduces the quality of sleep, diminishes the amount of oxygen in blood and puts a heavy burden on heart. The diagnosis is generally made with special recording techniques in a sleep laboratory and the treatment commonly includes the application of a sort of “mask” over the nose. If “easy breathing” is crucial for a good quality of sleep, so is a “healthy body”. Doctors point out that leading a healthy life is the premise that leads to a restful sleep, whose good quality is made up by three key elements: duration, continuity and depth.