A new medical device to detect a Traumatic Brain Injury

by Beatrice Credi - 2015.08.31
A new medical device to detect a Traumatic Brain Injury
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Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is recognized as a major public health concern, especially for teenagers and young adults. It is one of the leading causes of death and disability worldwide. 1.6 million EU citizens are hospitalized with TBI each year and of which 50.000 die. Currently, there is no objective method for diagnosing TBI in an early stage or in emergency, which is a premise to prevent serious health impact. The idea of an European researcher team is to develop a portable medical device for objective and reliable emergency diagnosis of TBI for the use in emergency, telemedicine, hospitals, and rehabilitation centers. The EmerEEG project propose to develop: 1) a novel vacuum based helmet device that will enable an accurate positioning system of up to 32 electrodes, 2) an instrumentation system that will combine qEEG recording and HD-TES treatment, 3) a data processing system that will control all measurements and data analysis including the algorithm for early detection and treatment of TBI.

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