A girl’s night out is best illness prevention

by Ilaria Lonigro - 2016.12.21
A girl’s night out is best illness prevention
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The next time, if you have a chance, have your doctor prescribe 2 or 3 dinners with girlfriends, with a strong dose of gossip. In fact, a recent study has just confirmed that confiding in good girlfriends has absolutely no adverse effects, and might even limit one’s risk for diabetes and cardiac pathologies as well as reinforce the immune system.

Friendship among women is so powerful, it can actually impact internal biological mechanisms. According to Katherine Ehrlich, American researcher of Northwestern University, “it plays a role in the way that cells respond to different pathologies”.

A shopping spree, two heart-to-hearts over the telephone, or a nice long walk with our best friend and already we feel more relaxed: oxytocin is increased (hormone that produces calming effect) along with serotonin (the anti-depression neurotransmitter and source of overall well-being). In addition, with a general reduction in levels of stress, other ailments and cognitive decline can be diminished as well.

Thanks to the (almost) entirely feminine prerogative to be able to express emotions. Especially the negative ones, that if kept inside, can increase anxiety and pressure.

But, beware: your girlfriends have to be crème de la crème: Few but only the best. So much so that they have discovered women with breast cancer who have a few acquaintances of little support, tend to have a 61% higher mortality rate than women who have a small, but excellent support network.

Moral of the story: the next time that you plan a night out with your best girlfriends, leave any sense of guilt behind. Seeing as you are not just wasting time, but are improving your health. That is, of course, if you leave the cocktails out of the picture.